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Our Company

Boston 128 Companies Inc. was founded in 1985.  We help provide results for our clients by focusing in four specific areas; tax-advantaged savings plans, family wealth building and conservation, optimum retirement income planning and coordinated estate planning.  For each of our clients we strive to create financial stability and security to provide financial independence.

Our Commitment

Our staff consists of experienced professionals with a "hands on" approach to financial guidance. Not only will you find our team members knowledgeable, but you will also discover that our staff truly cares about making your dreams a reality.  As your Financial Professionals, we will help to keep you focused on where you want to go, help advise you on how to get there, and continually remind you of the importance of maintaining a disciplined approach to focusing on your dreams.

Our Principle

Our company is based on the principles of integrity, service and client education.  Understanding your current financial situation is vital to successfully make prudent decisions concerning your financial future.  If you have any questions about your current financial situation or wish to schedule an appointment please contact us.